Lenwood Shock ‘N Awe Wallet

Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet 4 Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet 3Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet 1 Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet 2 Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet 1

This wallet will Shock ‘N Awe your socks off!

Lenwood Shock n Awe shock cord wallet thin blue line

(No socks were harmed in the making of this wallet.)

Available in a variety of color combinations the Lenwood Shock ‘N Awe wallet is perfect for anyone on the go. Slip it in your front pocket, your back pocket, use the lanyard (provided) to hang it on your neck… Whatever works for you works for the Shock ‘N Awe. You can even customize it by using fewer notches and less shock cord.

The only bad thing about the Lenwood Shock ‘N Awe is all the questions you get every time you get it out… Going to pay for your dinner at El Chappierenos? Yep. Paying for gas? Yeppers. Snowboard rental? You know it. You name it, if you have to pay for it, someone is going to be impressed with your sense of tactical style! They will want to know where you got that flipping sweet wallet. The good news is we’ll include a few Lenwood cards to make that conversation easy.

Included in the package is:
1 Kydex backer
1 Shock Cord
1 36″ 550 Paracord Lanyard
110% of your daily recommended dose of AWESOME!

Trust me, no-one is going to want a round house kick to the back of the head while you have one of these puppies on you!

Lenwood Shock 'N Awe
Lenwood Shock 'N Awe
Best. Wallet. Ever.

Shock ‘N Awe Wallet with a Tile slot.

Lenwood Shock 'N Awe minimalist wallet with slot for Tile Slim

This version of the Shock ‘N Awe wallet features a slot cut into the wallet. This slot is just right for a Tile Slim. Use the Tile Slim to track the location of your wallet so you always know it’s location! The Tile Slim fits nicely and we use .125 kydex so the tile fits flush.

Shock 'N Awe W/Tile Slot
Shock 'N Awe W/Tile Slot
Best. Wallet. Ever. Now with a cutout for a Tile Slim. Now you don't have to worry about loosing your wallet!

Lenwood Wanderlust Wallet
Lenwood Wanderlust Wallet
Wherever wanderlust leads, your Wallet is right there. The Wanderlust Minimalist Wallet is the most flexible wallet design available. The Wanderlust Wallet is perfect for you active lifestyle. Traveling, fishing, hunting, shooting on the range, Backpacking, you name it. You need to keep ID with you but why take the risk of loosing it? The Wanderlust has your back. Included in the package is: 1 Kydex backer with two eyelets 1 EPDM Band 1 36" 550 Paracord Lanyard